Polyfruit OS1

Pineapple juice extractor

POLYFRUIT OS1 pineapple juice extractor can process up to 10 tons/hour of whole pineapples with a diameter up to 300 mm, without any previous sizing of the fruit. Due to its working principle, during the squeezing of the pineapples any contact between peel and juice is minimized.

POLYFRUIT OS1 yelds are higher in quantity and quality than those of any other type of extractor exisisting in the international market.
It is a very reliable juice extractor because of its design and construction and needs low maintenance charges that guarantee it a very long lifetime.

Working principle

Pineapples of any shape and dimension are conveyed by an elevator into the feed hopper of the machine after being removed of the leaves, washed by VS 300 washing tank and brushed by SK 400 brushing machine.
Then the pineapples are taken by two rotating drums and pushed downwards until they meet a horizontal knife, which cuts them into two pieces.
Each half fruit, with the peel in contact with the drum, is dragged along a squeezing channel, where it is progressively pressed against a perforated sheet.
The squeezing pressure on fruit can be easily adjusted according to the assortment of pineapples and their ripening, in order to get the maximum output of juice without compromising the quality.
The juice passes through the holes of the sheet and then is pumped to the 2 EPV finisher to reduce the pulp content.
At the end of the squeezing channel, the peels fall into a screw conveyor put within the machine and are routed to the Polypress PL 1 screw press to get back the remaining juice.

Technical data

  • All parts in contact with the fruit, the juice and the peels are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • The squeezing pressure can be adjusted by rotating a hand-wheel, also during the operation.
  • Required power: three motors with a total power of 10 kW.
  • Working capacity: 8-10 tons/hour.

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