Fratelli Indelicato

The company FRATELLI INDELICATO was founded in 1946 by the brothers Paolo Indelicato and Carmelo Indelicato.

In 1947 the company was specializing in the design and production of machines and plants for the citrus processing industry.
The first citrus juice extractor was patented in 1948: the automatic Tagliabirillatrice A8, which had a capacity of 4.800 fruit per hour.

first automatic citrus juice extractor Year 1948: Assembling of Birillatrice extractors
first automatic citrus juice extractor 1956: Our stand at Stuttgart Exibition

It was the first automatic citrus juice extractor used in the Mediterranean area and for its contribution to the growth of the citrus processing industry it was printed on the back of the moroccan 10 Dirhams banknotes.

10 Dirhams banknotes The Birillatrice on the moroccan 10 Dirhams banknotes
brillatrice at work 1958: The Birillatrice in operation

In 1951 the Sfumatrice was realized. It is an oil extractor from the peels of the citrus processed by the Birillatrice.
The essential oil produced by the Sfumatrice outstands for the very high quality, close to the famous “sponge oil” extracted by hand.
In the following years both Birillatrice and Sfumatrice have been improved till the realization of the Birillatrice AZS 204: one machine, consisting of a Birillatrice juice extractor with a capacity of 15.500 fruit per hour and a Sfumatrice oil extractor.

AZS 2014 at work View of Birillatrice AZS 204 in operation
Views of Birillatrice AZS 204 in operation Birillatrice AZS 204

In 1971 the Polycitrus Group was patented. It is an integrated line consisting of an oil extractor produced in three models: M6, M10 and M15 and a juice extractor produced in the ZX2 and Spellalbedo models.

In the following years the Polycitrus Group has been deeply modified to improve the quality and the yield of the products.
Today it is a reliable and safe investment.

The assembly department of the new Polycitrus Group

The advantages of the Polycitrus Group are:
  • the high yields and quality in juice and oil;
  • the possibility to process citrus of any type (oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes, grapefruits, pomelos, and kinnows) and without a previous sorting of sizes;
  • the possibility to adjust the extractors according to the variety and the ripeness of the citrus;
  • the high working capacity that can reach 20 tons per hour with one line only;
  • the low maintenance costs.

The Polycitrus Group is inserted in complete lines consisting also of juice finishers (Rotofinisher and 2EPV models), screw presses to dry the peels (Polypress PL1 and PL2 models) and by all the auxiliary equipment such as brushing and washing machines, screw conveyors, elevators and peel silos.
Fratelli Indelicato can assist the customer in any aspect of the automation of the processing lines, from the PLC programming, to sensors configuration, to data logging and archiving, till advanced motion control programming.

Fratelli Indelicato - complete processing line for cistrus juice and oil extraction General view of a citrus processing line

Citrus juice and oil extraction

Video of a complete line for the extraction of
juice and essential oil

Citrus juice and oil
						extraction - Fratelli Indelicato srl

Since 1990 the range of our products includes the Polyfruit juice extractor
Besides the advantages of the Polycitrus juice extractor it gives the possibility to process both citrus and tropical fruit such as: pineapples, passion fruit, guavas, papayas and melons.
The Polyfruit juice extractor allows the realization of complete lines with different working capacities, which are able to process both citrus and tropical fruit.

Indelicato-pineapple-line General view of a pineapple and tropical fruit processing line juice extraction

Tropical fruit juice extraction

Video of a pineapple juice extraction plant

Pineapple juice
						extraction - Fratelli Indelicato srl

Today Fratelli Indelicato is one of the leading world companies in the field because it has a long experience deriving from more than 70 years of activity in the search of high quality and reliability technological solutions.

Indelicato, leader