Polypress PL2

Screw press for citrus and pineapple peels and pulp

Possible uses

  • Pressing of citrus and pineapple peels and pulp for a further recovery of juice;
  • Pressing of citrus peels for the recovery of essential oil;
  • Pressing of the whole citrus fruit for the simultaneous recovery of juice and essential oil;
  • Drying of peels to be used as food for cattle.


  • Length 1050 mm.
  • Width 2590 mm.
  • Height 1500 mm.
  • Height of the dry product outlet: 850 mm.

Technical data

  • All parts in contact with the products are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Provided with two screws working in parallel.
  • Speed of the screws regulable from 32 to 70 r.p.m.
  • Driven by 2 motor gear-boxes each 7,5 kW and controlled by two inverters.
  • External diametre of screws: 300 mm.
  • Internal diametre variable : 155 mm. to 224 mm.
  • Length 650 mm., pitch 140 mm.
  • Interchangeable cylindrical screens with standard holes: 3 mm.
  • Required power: kW 15.
  • Working capacity: 8000-10.000 Kg/h of citrus pulp or peels.
POLYPRESS PL1: for the some applications we produce also the PL 1 model, with a working capacity of 4000/5000 kg/h of citrus and pineapple peels or pulps.