Birillatrice - Sfumatrice AZS 204

Lemon juice and essential oil extractor

In the citrus juices market, the preferences are more and more oriented to NFC natural juices.
Birillatrice - Sfumatrice AZS 204 extractor, fully meets this requirement from the market, due to its working principle.
Its main features are the integrity of the sacs and the absence of bitter substances and essential oil.
Also the essential oil extracted by Birillatrice - Sfumatrice AZS 204 extractor is considered the best today on the market, because its quality is similar to that of the ancient manual extraction according to the “sponge method”.
The machine is designed to receive sized fruit for a better yield in juice and essential oil.

Working principle

  • a) Juice extraction The machine is provided with an oscillating feed hopper to receive the fruit.
    A set of rotating discs picks the fruit from the channels of the hopper individually and conveys them to a stationary knife which cuts them into two parts.
    Each half fruit falls into a plastic cup which pushes it towards a rotating reamer.
    The squeezing pressure is automatically controlled by the action of an apposite spring-damper placed in each reamer holder shaft.

  • b) Oil extraction The half peels without juice fall into the oil extracting section.
    Here the peels are taken by a rotating drum which rolls and presses them against a stationary profile.
    This causes a repeated deformation of the half peel and a breakage of the oil sacs. Oil is collected by a water rain provided through a set of sprayers.
    The mixture of water and essential oil falls into a tank and from here it is conveyed to the following stages of finishing and separation.

Technical data:

  • All parts in contact with the juice and the fruit are made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Oscillating feed hopper with four channels with adjustable stroke and inclination;
  • Feed system consisting of a set of rotating discs to pick four fruit at every stroke;
  • Group of 32 plastic cups to receive the half fruits;
  • Reaming box with eight rotating reamers.
    The squeezing pressure is automatically adjusted on every reamer by a spring shock absorber placed on every reamer shaft;
  • Oil extracting unit (Sfumatrice) consisting of a rotating roller driven by a flanged motor gear-box and by a stationary part. The stationary part is adjustable vertically to change the minimum distance on the rotating roller;
  • Water circulation system constisting of a distributor, piping and nozzles;
  • Required power: kW 4,5;
  • Working capacity: 15.000 lemon fruit/hour.