Polycitrus M6 - M10 - M15

Citrus oil extractors

Polycitrus is the most powerful and effective citrus oil extractor, it is conceived to provide high quality and high yeld of the final product.
It is manufactured in three models: M6 - M10 - M15, with different working capacities from 4 tons/hour up to 20 tons/hour of citrus fruit.
This result is achieved automatically, without labour, simply as the nature of the fruit requires. It is not necessary to size the fruit previously, because Polycitrus can process fruit of any size, from limes till the big sized grapefruits.
It is based on a quick, high capacity processing and on high quality standards of the products.

The essential oil yield is higher than any other extractor available on the market, because the possibility of adjusting the speed of the rotating cylinders and the time of residence of the fruit according to their variety, ripeness and thickness, enables to extract the essential oil completely: in this way, any contamination of oil is avoided in the next juice extraction stage.
There are no problems in fruit selection, since the working principle of Polycitrus oil extractor is self selective: it expels the degraded fruit through a screw conveyor and only the good quality fruit are sent to the juice extractor.
Polycitrus extractor solves the problem of a high working capacity with the minimum employ of labour, installation costs, maintenance and required power.

arance polycitrus

Working principle

The citrus arrive in a hopper where their flow is constantly optimized by the embedded electronics devices.
The control system regulates the speed of the input conveyors to ensure always the optimal quantity of fruit is processed.
A batcher draws the fruit from the hopper and introduces them into the machine, where they are pushed forward by paddles along couples of rotating rasping cylinders.

The speed of the paddles is regulable, so that the fruit may remain on the cylinders for the time required for a complete rasping, according to their variety and ripeness.
Also the rotational speed of the rasping cylinders is controlled according to the fruit hardness to obtain a perfect oil extraction.


The essential oil which comes out from the skin of the fruit due to the rasping action of the rotating cylinders is carried out by sprayed water, whose flow is measured by an asameter and the emulsion (mixture of water and essential oil) flows into the two stages finisher FV2 to remove the solids debris. Then the emulsion is pumped into a buffer tank and later to two centrifugal separators: the first one removes the residual debris, the second one separates the water from the pure essential oil. The water of the first centrifugal separator is pumped in a decantation tank, then through a centrifugal pump goes into a double filter and at the end goes back to the oil extractor to start the cycle again.
The deoiled fruit passes through the SK 400 brushing machine to remove any essential oil residues and then are conveyed through an elevator to Polycitrus Spellalbedo or to Polycitrus ZX2 or to Polyfruit for the juice extraction.

Technical data

Polycitrus oil extractor is available in three models with three different working capacities.
All the parts in contact with fruit and the oil emulsion are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The outer frame is made of mil steel (AISI 304 available on request).

The working capacity depends on the time necessary to fully extract the essential oil.
This time depends on the citrus variety and their ripeness.

cytrux oil extractor performance

The above graph shows the working capacity (tons/hour) of the three Polycitrus models according to the residence time (seconds) of the fruit in the rasping tracks.

  • Polycitrus M6

    Maximum working capacity with oranges: 8 tons/hour, with lemons: 4 tons/hour.
  • Polycitrus M10

    Maximum working capacity with oranges: 12 tons/hour, with lemons: 6 tons/hour.
  • Polycitrus M15

    Maximum working capacity with oranges: 20 tons/hour, with lemons: 10 tons/hour.

Photo Gallery

Polycitrus M6 - M10 - M15 Video

video polycitrus

Video of a Polycitrus M6 oil extractor working with green mandarins

essential oil

Video of a complete line for the extraction of lemon oil by Polycitrus M 15 and lemon juice with clean peels by Polycitrus Spellalbedo OS1

Polycitrus M6 - M10 - M15 Layout

Technical schema

Citrus processing line. Capacity: 16-20 tons/hour of oranges. Obtainable products: juice and essential oil, clean peels for candies or marmalades

Processing equipment

Auxiliary equipment